joorev - Club Diver

01. Explain your understanding of decompression sickness.

02. What are the symptoms of decompression sickness?

03. What are some of the predisposing factors to decompression sickness?

04. What is the treatment of decompression sickness?

05. How long may it take for 90% of the symptoms to occur?

06. What % of these symptoms occur in the first hour?

07. What gas is generally involved in decompression sickness?

08. What is the only treatment for decompression sickness?

09. What first aid can be given in the case of decompression sickness?

10. A diver has just completed a long deep dive and exceeded his/her correct rate of ascent. His/her buddy complains of a severe headache, is stumbling uncharacteristically and fails to recall the correct details of the dive. What should the diver do?

11. What is pulmonary barotrauma? How is it caused?

12. What is an air embolism? How is it caused?

13. What are the symptoms and first aid of an air embolism?

14. What is pneumothorax?

15. What are the symptoms and first aid of a pneumothorax?

16. Air embolism and pneumothorax: name one other pulmonary barotrauma type.

17. List at least three causes of burst lung.

18. What is the advantage of CPR for a casualty?

19. How would a diver know that a casualty is not breathing?

20. What is the first thing that should be done, immediately after it is established that the casualty is not breathing?

21. What is the correct ratio of compressions to breaths for a single operator?

22. List the things to be done for the casualty in the Recovery Position.

23. What will failure to observe the limits of depth and time during a dive lead to?

24. Define the following terms: Bottom Time, Safety Stop, NDL, Repetitive Dive, Surface Interval; and Repetitive Group.

25. What is the correct rate of ascent?

26. When buddies record different depths and time during their dive what should they do?

27. When buddies dive with dive tables and a computer respectively, which should be followed?

28. What should a diver do in the event of computer failure during a dive?

29. What are the recommendations for cold working dive?

30. What are the recommendations regarding Intensive and Repetitive diving?

31. During a dive the deepest part should be attempted early or late in the dive?

32. The plan is to make two dives on one day. The proposed depths are 30m and 15m respectively. What is the order of the dives and the surface interval? Why?

33. Describe briefly the ideal dive profile.

34. What is recommended for decompression diving?

35. How might a diver interpret the time allowed for a particular depth on a computer, if she experiences fatigue during the dive?

36. What is maximum NDL for a 21 m dive? Repetitive group?

37. For a 42m dive with a Repetitive group D, what is the maximum bottom time?

38. What is the max NDL for a dive to 16m? Repetitive group?

39. For a dive to 25m with a Repetitive group of C, What is the maximum bottom time?

40. What is the repetitive group for a dive to 20m for 33mins?

41. What is the repetitive group for a dive to 10m for20mins?

42. In March and in Irish waters, what would be the RG for a dive to 20m for 22mins?

43. Fighting a current on a dive to 16m what would be the: max bottom time if the RG was C?

44. What stops should be done on a dive to 34m for15mins?

45. A diver with a RG of B wishes to dive again in an hour, what is the Residual Group?

46. What is the RNT for a dive to 12m if the previous dive, had a RG of C, and a Surface Interval of 15mins?

47. What is the RNT for a dive to 11 m if the previous dive; had a RG of C, and a Surface Interval of 15mins?

48. What is the max bottom time for a dive to 18m when the RG is A?

49. What are the decompression stops, if a diver takes 5mins to ascend from 36m with a 12min bottom time? (hint: slowed ascent)

50. What should be done if a diver only does a 3min safety stop, having had a dive to 30m for 18mins?

51. How soon could a diver fly, if s/he did a lot of shallow intensive diving?

52. What is the max bottom time for a dive to 17m when the RG is A?