joorev - Club Diver

Dear Diver

Enclosed please find the first draft of a recently compiled sample list of Diver ** theory questions.

These guidelines are aimed at assisting two groups within CFT:

  • (a) candidates preparing for the Diver **
  • (b) examiners testing candidates for the Diver **

All questions are taken from the Club Diver Student Handbook; therefore All answers can be found in the Club Diver Student Handbook. CFT rules and recommendations are also referred to.

The aim is to provide:

  • an indicator to candidates of the type of question that might be asked during a test
  • a starting point for revision for candidates preparing for test
  • a uniform set of questions to which examiners can refer

The aim is not to provide:

  • an exhaustive/exclusive list of every possible question a candidate might be asked
  • an indicator of the number of questions a candidate might be asked
  • a replacement for a structured lecture program within the club setting


  • As stated in the Courses & Tests book, the oral theory test for the Diver ** should take no longer than fifteen minutes.
  • The standard of answers accepted should reflect Diver ** standard - no more and no less.
  • Using his/her own discretion, it is intended that the examiner ask a selection of questions from each section, ensuring that each topic is covered satisfactorily.