joorev - Diver Coxswain
Tides & Navigation, Weather & Planning

01. What Cardinal Mark flashes 9 times every 15 seconds?

02. What Cardinal Mark has the following colour scheme: Black on top, Yellow below?

03. Under power at night you see a vessel showing a green light and a white light above. Which side of the vessel are you approaching?

04. What causes tides?

05. What type of tide would you associate with no moon?

06. If the sun and moon were at right angles, what type of tide would you expect?

07. What has the greater influence on the tides, the Sun or the Moon?

08. What is the best time to dive on a wreck in a tidal area?

09. True north. Where is this in comparison to Magnetic north?

10. What is the term given to the difference between true and magnetic north?

11. What causes deviation?

12. How many point should be used when taking a Fix?

13. If true course is 60°, variation is 9°w, what is the magnetic course?

14. LW 10.00 1.0M. HW 16.00 4.6M. Tidal range is 3.6M. What height is the tide at 12.00?

15. In an area of low pressure would the tide be higher or lower than normal?

16. Tidal diamonds are magenta symbols on a chart. What information is given on the associated table?

17. What are leading lights?

18. What are sector lights?

19. In a low pressue system, in what direction does the wind blow?

20. On the beaufort scale, what represents a gale force?

21. In what sea area is Valentina Island?

22. Draw the top mark cones you would expect to see on Cardinal Marks and state their purpose.