joorev - Diver Coxswain

Dear Diver

Enclosed please find the first draft of a recently compiled sample list of Diver Coxswain theory questions.

These guidelines are aimed at assisting two groups within CFT:

  • (a) candidates preparing for the Diver Coxswain
  • (b) examiners testing candidates for the Diver Coxswain

All questions are taken from the Diver Coxswain Student Handbook; therefore All answers can be found in the Diver Coxswain Student Handbook. CFT rules and recommendations are also referred to.

The aim is to provide:

  • an indicator to candidates of the type of question that might be asked during a test
  • a starting point for revision for candidates preparing for test
  • a uniform set of questions to which examiners can refer

The aim is not to provide:

  • an exhaustive/exclusive list of every possible question a candidate might be asked
  • an indicator of the number of questions a candidate might be asked
  • a replacement for a structured lecture program within the club setting

Helpful extras:

Examiners Notes

The candidate should take full responsibility for the launching, operation, control, and recovery of the dive boat during a normal dive day, together with the dropping off, covering, and recovering of divers in usual dive weather. All sections must be passed to achieve certification.

Theory Assessment Section (maximum 15 mins' duration)

Practical Assessment Section A (complete 7 of 9 items)

  • Check Boat Equipment
  • Notify Coast Radio and follow instructions
  • Organise loading of boat people and equipment
  • Appoint lookouts for both journeys
  • Observe Marine Highway code always
  • Respect safety and comfort of passengers and equipment at all times
  • Correct use of hand signals and flags throughout
  • Organise assistance for divers as needed & have equipment stored safely
  • Organise unloading of boat

Practical Assessment Section B (complete 6 of 6 items)

  • Show a good knowledge of the dive site, tides, currents & weather forecast
  • Ensure engine in neutral when dropping off and picking up divers
  • Know the Emergency Plan & the Dive Plan, including ETR of divers
  • Follow bubbles and be close to site when divers surface
  • Approach divers with caution and with safety of divers and craft uppermost
  • Position boat correctly when picking up divers

Practical Assessment Section C (complete minimum 14 of 20 items)

  • Boat equipment check
  • Boat Launch
  • Pick up a buoy
  • Steer by compass
  • Steer by transits
  • Steering "blind"
  • Start/Stop the Engine
  • Turning on a warp
  • Man overboard
  • High Speed Driving
  • "S" turns
  • "U" turns
  • Anchor deployment
  • Shotline deployment
  • Towing disabled dive boat
  • Reverse figure of eight
  • Holding off a fixed point for 30 seconds
  • Coming alongside another boat
  • Coming alongside a pier
  • Recover boat

Practical Assessment - Boat Handling


  • As stated in the Courses & Tests book, the oral theory test for the Diver Coxswain should take no longer than fifteen minutes.
  • The standard of answers accepted should reflect Diver Coxswain standard - no more and no less.
  • Using his/her own discretion, it is intended that the examiner ask a selection of questions from each section, ensuring that each topic is covered satisfactorily.